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Access to HE Diploma (Social Science)



Level 3

Subject Sector:

Health, Social Care and Wellbeing




£135.00 per student registered (other fees apply).

Age Range:


QAA aim code:


The aim of this Diploma is to provide students with a knowledge base to explore higher education options in social sciences, psychology, sociology, criminology, social policy, law and social work. The Diploma introduces students to the fundamental knowledge base on which successful careers in this area are built, and provides them with study skills and support to explore options in higher education within the field of Social Science and careers in this sector.

The credit values available within this Diploma have been designed to meet ??the typical entry requirements of Social Science degrees and other higher education opportunities which accept Access to HE Diplomas.

Subject Areas

Students studying this Diploma will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and practical skills through a range of subject areas, including:

Psychology: Studying the Brain and Nervous System
Criminology: Impact of Criminal Statistics in Criminal Justice
Psychology: Models, Research and Application of Cognitive Psychology
Social Work: Responding to Prejudice and Discrimination
Sociology: Concepts of Health and ill Health

If you’d like to customise learning pathways for your students, we can do that too. Just speak with our team to discuss your requirements.

Progression routes

Successful completion of this Diploma will open doors to a number of university courses, giving students the chance to study a broad array of degrees leading to careers in:
Prison and probation services
Civil services
Social services

And a university degree is not the only option to pursue; a Diploma can also lead to apprenticeships which can be studied at higher levels.

Why choose us

Skills and Education Group Access makes it easy to become an Access to HE Centre, with a simple approval process that will get you started quickly.

We’ll help you build specific, academically sound pathways to higher education, and guide you through the whole academic year.

Along with a dedicated team of external moderators to provide supportive visits, we offer flexibility to write your own assessments and help with assignment writing and the delivery of your Diploma.

You can choose to start delivery at traditional points in the year such as September or January, which may be suited to face-to face delivery, but with more interest in online delivery, it is possible to deliver all year round, with stepping on points to suit you and your students’.

To find out more about how to become a Skills and Education Group Access Centre, email us, or call us on 0115 854 1620.

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