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February Access to HE Bulletin

10 February 2022

The Extraordinary Regulatory Framework 2021/22

As we work through this year of the QAA Extraordinary Framework (ERF), we are expecting to receive your requests for adaptations for anything that is related to COVID-19.


[Added 16/02/2022]

As stated in correspondence issued to all contacts on the 16th February 2022, extension requests related to COVID may be granted within Centres' internal policy and procedures. However, consideration should be made to utilise the adaptations available under the ERF. Where extensions mean that a student cannot complete the course before the end date, an application for extenuating circumstances may need to be approved, pursuant to the ERF.


Examples of adaptations for which you will require AVA approval BEFORE taking action are:

  • - Alterations to your assessment plan
  • - Alterations to your briefs
  • - Alterations to your method of delivery (e.g. moving online)


Please note this is not an exhaustive list, however if any of these actions are taken because of anything related to COVID you MUST seek approval BEFORE taking action. Failure to do so will result in the implementation of the escalation process.


Our adaptation logs and ERF guidance can be found in the 'All Centres' folder on OneDrive.


If you would like a reminder of the QAA videos for Students and Tutors you can follow the links provided.


We are currently meeting with tutor teams to discuss the ERF requirements and ways that you can use it to support your students. If you have not already had your meetings, please contact your quality team who are arranging these with us.

Centre Contact Information (CMS - Creatio)

Each college has one or more "Super User" on Creatio. This is usually a senior person in exams and they are responsible for keeping all user and staff details on the system accurate.


Data from Quartz was carried over to assist with this, however Super Users must delete or correct any information that is not accurate. Super Users need to remove all staff and/or users who no longer need a profile. We will shortly be removing all inactive users.


There is an FAQ document on the use of Creatio. This can be found in the 'All Centres' folder on OneDrive.


Please note an important change to our registration process in light of data feedback from QAA

If a student commences one-year study but is unable to complete their studies within the year and intends to return the following year to complete, you must discuss this with us in the first year. Once the one-year enrolment period expires for that student, they will need to be re-registered on their return to the course.


Withdrawal of Students

It is important that you withdraw any students on CMS that have decided not to continue their studies. Guidance on how to do this can be found in the FAQs. Your External Moderator will confirm that all student withdrawals are up to date.


UCAS Results day - confirmed as Thursday 18 August 2022.

Find out more here.


Skills and Education Group Foundation

Did you know that Centres that are also members of the Skills and Education Group can apply for grant funding for your students?


The Skills and Education Group Foundation supports further education and skills providers, learners, and organisations in their efforts to improve social mobility. For more information on this, click here.


If your organisation is not a member but would be interested in becoming one, please click here for more details.


Modification of Units

Following recent validation panels, Diploma and unit specifications have been updated in OneDrive. Please ensure that you are using the correct version. For the list of unit modifications, please click here.



If you do not have an up-to-date/working link to your Diploma OneDrive, please email us to request this.


Please outline which folders you need access to.


External Moderator Visit One

You will have had or will be preparing for your first External Moderator visit. If you have not had any contact from us or your EM regarding your provision, do contact us.


Access to HE Free CPD and TeachMeet Events

w/c 28 March Compulsory Standardisation Event.

6 April Preparing for your final moderation visit and Awards Boards including data analysis.

11 May Preparing for your final moderation visit and Awards Boards including data analysis.

8 June So you want to be an External Moderator?


AVA Clinics

30 March

27 April

25 May

22 June


Bespoke CPD Events

In addition to the Skills and Education Group's extensive professional development programme, we can also arrange bespoke CPD events for Access to HE tutors, managers, and exams staff based on your individual needs, outcomes of External Moderator recommendations, or as an outcome of changes within your organisation.


If you would like to learn more, please do contact the team.


Skills and Education Group Access Branding

A reminder to update your websites and marketing materials with Skills and Education Group Access branding, and to remove any old references to Certa Access, if you have not already done so. You can find the Skills and Education Group Access logo and guidance for its use in the 'All Centres' folder on OneDrive.


Contacting the Access Team

You can email the team via the following address:


The contact telephone number is 0115 854 1620 and is used for Skills and Education Group Awards and BIIAB along with Skills and Education Group Access.


When you call this number, you will hear a short menu of options. To reach the Access team, please select the following option:

  • - Press 3 for Skills and Education Group Access