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Five brand new Access to HE Diplomas available to deliver

20 August 2020

Here at Certa Access, we have recently added five new Access to Higher Education Diplomas to our provision, available for Providers to deliver in the next academic year.


The new Diplomas are:

These Diplomas have been developed to respond to local needs and student progression plans, with the aim to help students into Higher Education programmes and onwards to their chosen careers.


The new Diplomas cover a variety of sectors and career opportunities, further increasing the wide range of options available to Certa Access Providers and their students. They contain topical content and provide progression routes onto popular Higher Education programmes, either externally at HEIs or internally at the college.


Given the increasing demands for vocationally-specific, bespoke Diplomas, three of the five new Diplomas are focused on specific careers: Creative Entrepreneurship in Music, Policing, and Social Work. Meanwhile, the Creative Performance and Environmental and Climate Science Diplomas provide wider routes into the science and creative sectors respectively, giving students a solid base of knowledge and skills from which they can then develop specialisms related to their chosen progression route and career interest. We’ve ensured that each of the Diplomas have been designed with expertise contributed from curriculum specialists from FE, HE and industry.


All five Diplomas have been designed to suit a range of target groups, including people returning to education after being employed in similar sectors; people seeking qualifications to enable them to change their career path and students seeking a foundation in the subjects before moving on to higher level. It’s safe to say that here at Certa Access we believe in offering second chances for students to reach career goals and helping them recognise the long-term benefits of higher education for themselves and their families.


Are you wanting to get some Diplomas up and running for 2021/22? Not a problem, we can support you all the way!


More information about all of the new Diplomas can be found via our Access to HE Diplomas page. If you have any questions or are interested in delivering any of the Diplomas at your Centre, please contact us to arrange a Zoom meeting or phone call with our Relationship Manager, Kaye Jackson.