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Students at Leeds City College tell us about their Access experience and plans for the future

17 November 2020

We always love to hear about how our Certa Access students are getting on with their studies, so we caught up with students from Leeds City College to find out how doing an Access to HE Diploma is supporting their ambitions to succeed in higher education.


Which Access to HE Diploma are you currently studying and why did you chose to study this particular one? Tell us a bit about your journey.


Aria: I’m currently studying the Access to HE Diploma in Education Studies. I chose this course as I already have my Level 3 Diploma in Childcare, however, it doesn’t carry any UCAS points. I am aspiring to be an early years teacher, in the age bracket 3-7 years old. I’ve always wanted to do this ever since I became a nursery practitioner. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far on this course and I love learning more about education and sociology.


Joseph: I am currently on the Computing Access to HE Diploma. My reason for choosing this program is I love to learn, and want to develop a career in computing.


Marco: I am currently doing Computer Science Level 3. I chose this course because it will open a gateway and give me more insight on the path I want to take. It is a great opportunity to learn new things along the way.


Clisford: I am currently studying Access to HE in Education Professions. My dream is to become a qualified teacher with a degree, teaching across the country and supporting students to achieve their aim in life.


Georgina: I am studying Access to HE Engineering.



How have you found the course? Has it been beneficial/enjoyable?


A: The course is very enjoyable. Our tutors are non-stop supportive and I couldn’t praise them enough. They supply high-quality teaching as well as hands-on support if/when you need it. The course is set out in a simple format and the criteria is easy to follow.


J: This course has been challenging. It has helped me to improve my skills in computing in a short while and it is really interesting.


M: It has been beneficial because I learn something new every day and I’m seeing other gateways to my passion. The course is enjoyable as well as educational.


C: My course has been very beneficial, as it is preparing me to progress to the next level.


G: I have found the course to be very beneficial for me, I feel better prepared to start higher education.



What are your plans for when you finish your Diploma? What are you aspiring to do in the future?


A: I have been offered a place at Leeds Trinity University to do my Early Years Education degree with QTS. I’m really looking forward to the next steps in my adventure.


J: My plan after finishing this Diploma course is to get admission to any good university in the country and further my learning in computing. My aspiration for the future is to be a senior cyber security analyst.


M: My plans are to go to university in my chosen subject area and further my research and skills whilst applying my passion in the background of the course.


C: To continue to university, to learn and to acquire a degree as a qualified teacher so that I can become a professional teacher.


G: I will be going to university to study geophysics.



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