Step 1

Start the discussion

If you are interested in becoming a Centre but would like to speak to one of our team members first, please contact our Head of Relationship Management Kaye Jackson on 07805 562092 or send her an email here.

Hi, I’m Kaye Jackson.

Call me on 07805 562092

or email me here.

Step 2

Submit Applications

Both a Centre Recognition Request form and Request to Run Access to HE form must be filled out and sent to us here.

Step 3

Review and Feedback

We will review your application and provide you with feedback. We may ask for additional information to support your application.

Step 4

Online Meeting

An online meeting will be arranged to discuss details of your application and help to ensure that you are prepared for audit.

Step 5

Invoice and Audit

Once we believe you are ready for audit, we will issue an invoice which must be paid before our audit visit can take place.

Step 6

Audit Visit

During the audit visit, we will check your policy, processes and readiness to deliver the Skills and Education Group Access to HE Diplomas in your application. Following the audit, you may be given actions to complete before you can become an approved Centre.

Step 7

Approval and Support

Once you have been approved as an Access to HE Centre, we will write to you confirming the diplomas you are approved to run. You can now market your diplomas for delivery. Once your students are registered, we’ll come out and support your delivery team to ensure that they have the confidence to run the best possible course.

Step 8

Grow Your Offer

Once you are an approved Centre, we have an easy application process for adding further diplomas to your scope of approval. Simply send us a Request to Run an Additional Diploma form, and we will be in touch.

We understand Professional Development.

As part of Skills and Education Group, we can connect Centres with an experienced staff team with a credible history in staff development.


Each year, Skills and Education Group offers a range of Professional Development opportunities and networks aimed at the further education and skills sector. You can access these events through the Skills and Education Group website. Find out more here.